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A Women+ Supporting Women+ Community


If you’re craving a community who will genuinely cheer for you…

You've come to the right place!

Whether it's through WSC ticketed Chapter events, or WSC's App where members are able to host and post their own invites to meet-ups, we're providing approachable access for women to grow their networks. 

WSC is About Creating Authentic Connections 

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Our membership options are designed for flexibility with no minimum requirements. Being that part of what we offer are networking opportunities and connection building, a lot of our members are able to write-off their membership subscriptions as a work expense!

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“I've benefited greatly from stepping out of my comfort zone and being open hearted and minded and vulnerable with this great group of women.” - Emma

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The Women's Social Club® Podcast

Launching January 4, 2023! The Women's Social Club® Podcast is hosted BY women, FOR women, where we share stories from the women in our communities who are building something special.

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