WSC is excited to launch our Atlanta Chapter later this year!

The Women's Social Club can't wait to bring our Women Supporting Women community to a brand new city! WSC offers multiple social events per month, ranging from mixer style connection nights and workshops, to community building events with local non-profit partners. All socials are designed to promote growth and support for the women of our community, as well as our local businesses. This is also a community aimed at the experience of women+. 

WSC's atlanta chapter

WSC Membership Perks!

As a WSC member, you will gain instant access to WSC's Community App, along with discounted rates to ALL upcoming social events! 

Click the link below to let us know if you're interested in becoming a WSC Atlanta Chapter member, and we'll email you to keep you updated on our Atlanta Chapter launch!
*WSC will begin offering memberships to our Atlanta chapter later this year! 

Atlanta Chapter Director

As we continue to plan WSC's Atlanta Chapter launch, we need to expand our WSC team!

Interested in Becoming WSC's Atlanta Chapter Director?! Tell us more about your experience and ideas your have by clicking HERE!

WSC Socials Archives

The Women's Social Club's monthly events range from networking nights and workshops featuring local women-in-business speakers and artisans, to community building events with non-profit partners!

You can view all of our current Raleigh Chapter and NYC Chapter Socials, as well as past events to get a feel for the types of events we've previously hosted.

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Atlanta chapter interest

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