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The Women's Social Club is excited to offer a wide range of events in all of our communities. Take a look at some of our past events below! 

Past events

WSC past events

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DC Chapter (Coming Soon!)

Atlanta Chapter (Coming Soon!)

Austin Chapter (Coming Soon!)

Boston Chapter (Coming Soon!)

Charleston Chapter (Coming Soon!)

Chicago Chapter (Coming Soon!)

Denver Chapter (Coming Soon!)

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Nashville Chapter (Coming Soon!)

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You need to finally make time for YOUrself

You're overwhelmed by doing life alone

YOu WANT TO BE MORE present and self aware

You're tired of traditional networking

you're ready to find your tribe!

What makes our women’s community different?  With a heavy focus on personal development, our monthly socials are purposely structured to be a thoughtful balance of engaging and impactful topics mixed with light-hearted and fun hands-on activities. Because in learning more about ourselves, we’re able to create genuine, meaningful connections with others.

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